How to set up a home studio

Every ambitious photographer will eventually out pictures to make in the studio. As a rent is very expensive, you can create one yourself by various instructions and in different price ranges. My budget is limited but look good and it must be practical anyway.

First they checked course itself times the instructions on the Internet and the different offers on eBay and Co. Unfortunately, the ideas and quotes corresponded neither my mind nor my budget.

“Tracked my way to professional home studio with here!”

My wall is 5, 40 m x 2.90 m tall. My Dream 2 to 3 movable and easy to clean backgrounds in black, white and possibly green, I can move left and right. Given a light system on the ceiling incl. Softbox. Yes there is such a thing on the internet. My Favourable price moved at 2600 € for all. With the initial idea, designs, sizes and ner rough budget planning over a maximum of 400 € for everything we went to the hardware store. The result sobering. Sliding System are either incredibly expensive or carries the weight not by their preferred as backgrounds PVC sheets. Since I had even left my beautiful Charlottenburg, I could again look over at Ikea. There my enlightenment: Because simply stands as rum a system for room dividers made of fabric. Cheap mockery that was not. But at 45 € (3 * 15 €) for the rails (each 1.40 m) on the ceiling 6 panels (3 black & 3 white) 150 € and 36 € for the rest of the suspension I am still fared reasonably low , Thus, the backgrounds for € 231 were exactly as I had imagined and make the room the same also trendier than before.

The course had to be tested the same times. Since the colleague bored on vacation, I had with Fernauslöser posing over the phone. For the inauguration of the background so a selfie! 😉

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